I liked the ‘Techies’ room on Redbubble’s Dream Room Sweepstakes! You can win free stuff too by sharing your favorite art pieces. Visit http://www.redbubble.com/p/147-win-your-dream-room for more amazing designs!

posted Aug 10
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Getting excited because Monsters Inc is on, and happy ‘cause I’ve found an excuse to delay studdddddy!!!

posted Apr 26

Work is beginning to piss me off, boss is a capital BITCH! Plus I haven’t been to proper shop in feckin ages, I live in supervalu now…urgh Cavan needs a bloody shopping center with shops that have CLOTHES!!! Rant over…

posted Feb 13

Just got an iphone for christmas off my older sister -amazeballs!!

posted Dec 24

Can’t believe I’ve gone this long without a computer, ah well, might get one back soon enjoying life too much at the moment, finally moved to Cavan on my own and going to England for Christmas! Plus school and work going awesome!

posted Dec 13


More Facts on Psychofacts :)

Not using this tumblr anymore, it feels too messy tbh and plus my internet should be turned off tomorrow until like mid/late september so I want to start fresh when I come back, feels right so I have a new one made for when that time comes, plus I want to regularly post shit!

posted Aug 25

HAHA, so true, our roads and paths are disgraceful.


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